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Oral Rinse Medicine Buy Online for productive gum downturn treatment. The medication is clinically ensured and ok for widespread use. It is an effective alternative to cure painful bleeding Gums much faster without scarring. The medicine contains rare natural ingredients and lab-certified drug mixtures to treat multi oral diseases in one go.

Request Kamol oral care for quick and guaranteed mouth infection treatment. Kamol is medically approved and useful to cure oral Infection.

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Kamol medicine is useful to disinfect harmful mouth bacteria without side effects. Get the complete details of Oral Rinse Medicine Liquid Price to book your order.

Kamol Medi Healthcare built up the best oral wash medication to cure multiple oral diseases. The medication is valuable to sanitize agonizing mouth injuries and recuperate them without torment. It comprises rare herbs for quicker and powerful treatment of harmed gums layers.

The medication contains Chamazulene, apigenin, alpha-bisabolol, luteolin, and extra fixings to fix mouth wounds successfully. The measurement of kamol oral consideration threefold every day as coordinated by the doctor. You will see positive results after one week of Kamol Oral Rinse usage.

The term mouth infection is defined as Mouth disease that by and large begins from dental caries at the foundations of molars and premolars that extend to general shapes. The oral disease influences the environmental factors of the oral cavity. Oral Infection fundamentally incorporates dental contamination, dental sore, and Ludwig’s angina. Oral Rinse Medicine For Oral Infection is the best solution for quick and effective oral disease treatment.

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Book your order online or get an Oral Rinse Medicine Shop Near Me for instant drug availability. Kamol has a widespread network and tie-ups for timely drug supply all over India. We make sure to meet all Indian online orders delivered within 24 hours after bookings.

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We have a specific supply chain for drug supplements to foreign or international clients. We deliver consignments via Sea or air as per buyers’ requirements. The delivery time of shipments varies for global clients based on geographical location, mode of transportation, and time of travel.


Deepawali offer price 499INR only <br> Including GST +Free home delivery
Selling price 6×120=720INR
Save Us 221 INR
Free home delivery in All India
Minimum order pack 6 pices

9 reviews for Kamol Oral Care

  1. Anand Singh

    Very good medicine for oral ulcers I have used I got relief within week

    UP T.V
    Halwasiya Court 5th floor
    Lucknow UP

  2. A. Dangwal

    Very special medicine of use this medicine and continue using for foul smell and bleeding gums
    HAL Lucknow UP

  3. Swatantra singh

    It is very good medicine for Tobacco chewers. I am using this medicine from last 5 years and feeling good without any problems.

    B Block, Indira Nagar
    Lucknow UP

  4. Dr Nidhi Bharti

    Kamol is a very good mouth freshener I am using every day feel good and fresh with kamol

    Kadipur, Sultanpur UP

  5. H A Khan

    Kamol is very effective medicine for mouth opening my mouth was going to close or opening become less due to using tobacco now my mouth opening is better than before after 4 month use of Kamol. So can be used.

    Rety. officer
    Horticulture Deptt., Lucknow

  6. ब्रजकिशोर

    केमोल दवाई के प्रयोग से कैंसर नहीं होता है मैं गुटके का सेवन करता हूं 3 साल पहले मैंने गरम चाय पीना बंद कर दिया था गर्म और मिर्च का खाना भी नहीं खा पा रहा था परंतु जब 3 साल पहले से मुझे केमोल मिला मैंने प्रतिदिन दो बार प्रयोग किया मैं ठीक हो गया अब गर्म एवं मिर्च का खाना भी खा लेता हूं एवं अच्छा महसूस करता हूं

    वरिष्ठ चालक
    प्रदूषण वर्ल्ड
    उत्तर प्रदेश सरकार लखनऊ यूपी

  7. Vinod Singhania

    Kamol is a very effective medicine for all mouth problems. I am using from last 5 years an happy even chewing Tobacco and Gutka feel no problems.

    Ekta Park, Sector 11,
    Indira Nagar Lucknow UP

  8. Anuj Srivastava

    Kamol is very precious medicine for piorrea/ bleeding gums for me. I am regular reusing from last 5 months feeling well

    Gomti Nagar Lucknow

  9. सज्जन सिंह

    मेरे नाम सज्जन सिंह है मैं लालगंज और रायबरेली से हूं मेरे मुंह से बहुत दुर्गंध आती थी 2 वर्ष से मैंने केमोल का प्रयोग प्रारंभ किया आज तक सब अच्छा है एवं दुर्गंध अब नहीं आती

    दूरदर्शन रायबरेली लालगंज

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